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Lenth Herefords – Postville, IA
Contact:   Marilyn & Doug Lenth,  319-269-3146

Selling:  12 Registered Hereford yearling bulls ready for service in 2020 still available.  Reserve now for best selection – we will feed and develop your choice until ready to take possession
at breeding season.   View details, including EPD’s, Bloodlines, photos and videos on our website: 

(Date Posted: 3/23/20)

Landt Herefords – Union, Iowa
Contact: Steve Landt, 641-751-8810

Selling:  2-year old Registered Hereford bull for 2020 breeding season.  Call for details and pricing.

(Date Posted: 3/18/20)


M&L Lacina Farms – Toledo, IA
Contact:  Matt Lacina, 641-751-1327

Selling: 2 yearling polled Hereford heifers and one 3-year old polled bull. Call for details and more information. 

(Date Posted: 3/11/20)


Heck Polled Herefords - Chelsea, IA
Contact:  Amanda Heck, 319-530-1721,

Selling:  Two coming yearling polled Hereford heifers, open (can be registered).  Also selling 2-yr and 3-yr old registered polled Hereford bulls.

(Date Posted: 3/05/20)


Simpson Polled Herefords – Redfield, IA

Contact:  Mike Simpson, 515-833-2991,;  Website:

Selling:  Semen on S COVENTRY Y02 4D Homozygous, smooth polled, home-raised York son.
Top 1% EPDs in the breed for CE, WW, YW, Carcass Weight, REA and CHB. Exciting young sire that has a big spread
of calving ease to go with high growth and carcass traits.  Also top 5% for “black cow index”.
Coventry scanned an impressive 15.34 yearling REA and steer calves in Iowa feedlot beat contemporaries by
$200 to $300 profitability per head.   Non-AI certificate bull -- $30/straw; commercial price semen available. 

(Date Posted: 2/24/20)


Boone River Polled Herefords, Eagle Grove, IA
Contact:  Kyle Anderson, 515-851-8635,  email

Selling:  Six yearling Hereford heifers.  Will breed.  Have birth weights,
weaning weights, and yearling weights, etc.   Contact for more information.

(Date Posted: 2/17/20)


Perks Ranch – Rockord, IL
Contact:  Tom or Tammy Boatman, 404-372-6754 or 770-354-4195, e-mail

Selling:  Thirteen yearling Hereford bulls, available private treaty at the Ranch.  Polled, homozygous polled, and horned genetics available.   Several low birth weight and calving ease/heifer approved options.  Sires represented include:  Munson, Right Track, Hometown 10Y, Diversified, Sensation 2296 and Contender.  Contact us for more details or visit

(Date Posted: 1/28/20)


BJK Herefords – Vinton, IA
Contact:  Brian Kreutner, 319-560-9797 or 319-472-2249, e-mail

Selling:  Nice selection of registered yearling and two year old Hereford bulls for the 2020 breeding season.  Also have registered Hereford replacement yearlings and several F1 black angus x Hereford cross and Hereford cross yearlings for sale.  View details, pedigrees and photos on our website:  

(Date Posted: 1/28/20)


Sheriff Polled Herefords – Orient, IA
Contact:  Arnold Sheriff, 909-980-5886 or 641-337-5708, e-mail

Selling:  10 Yearling and 5 two-year old Polled Hereford Bulls available this spring.  All-time best weaning weights and EPDs on this yearling group that we’ve produced.  Nine are A.I. calves from FTF Prime Product, one of the breed’s top CHB carcass bulls.  As always, will have yearling weights and breeding soundness exams prior to free delivery at turn out time.

(Date Posted: 1/27/20)


JB Ranch – Wayne, NE
Contact:  Bev Beeson, 402-375-3404 home,  402-375-9027 cell,  Website:

Selling:  Fourteen coming 2-yr old polled Hereford bulls.  Big, high-growth bulls with a lot of muscle.  Calving ease options.  Semen tested and ready-to-go.  Guaranteed.  Call for pricing and more details.

(Date Posted: 1/6/20)