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Mike Thomas, Jesup, IA
Phone:  319-290-6795

Wanted:  Hereford bucket bottle calf, born after January 1, 2021, that could be used for child’s 4-H/Fair project.  Open to considering heifer calf, bull calf, or a twin.
Please call with what you may have come available.   319-290-6795

(Date Posted: 12/23/20)


Simpson Polled Herefords, Redfield, IA
Contact: Mike Simpson, 515-833-2991,

SEMEN FOR SALE:  S COVENTRY Y02 4DHomozygous, smooth polled, home-raised York son.  Among 72 Homozygous Polled Non-Certificate Hereford AI Sires EPDs Coventry ranks: CE: 10th, WW: 3rd, YW: 5th, YW: 4th, REA: 11th, Carcass Wt: 2nd, CHB Index: 5th.   Top 1% EPDs in the breed for WW, YW, Carcass Weight, REA and CHB.  Top 20% or better in 14 of the 20 breed EPD traits and top 10% or better in 10 traits   Exciting high accuracy sire that has a big spread of calving ease to go with high growth and carcass traits.  CHB Sire of Distinction.  Coventry scanned an impressive 15.34 yearling REA and steer calves in 2019 Iowa feedlot beat contemporaries by $200 to $300 profitability per head.  Non-AI certificate bull -- $30/straw; commercial price semen available.  See website:

(Date Posted: 12/14/20)

MDF Polled Herefords, Northwood, IA
Contact:  Mike Dierenfeld, 641-425-8780

Selling:  10-12 registered Polled Hereford heifers out of a group of 18, all AI’d,  due dates 1 January to 1 March.  Some sexed pregnancies.  Service sires are R Excitement, Boyd Blueprint, Boyd Power Surge, ADH Standout. 
Call for more details and pricing.

(Date Posted: 11/19/20)

Harting Farms, LaPorte City, IA
Contact:  Matt Harting,  319-939-7035

Selling:  Registered Hereford open Heifer calves, or can reserve them as Bred Heifers for next year.  Fall cow-calf pair, 8-yr old registered cow with bull calf at side.   
Taking reservations for two more Fall bred cows that will be available in spring after wean calves.  Also have a select group of 2020 Bull calves – select now, will hold until needed in 2021.  Call for more information, pictures and pricing.

(Date Posted: 11/16/20)


Lenth Herefords, Postville, IA
Contact:  Marilyn Lenth, 319-269-3146,

Selling:  2020 Open heifer calves available for Fall 2020, or may be reserved for possession in 2021 as Bred Heifers.  Taking reservations on 2020
Bull Calves – we will keep and feed until 2021 breeding season.  Two Fall Yearling service age bulls also available.  Details and photos of all are posted
On website:  

(Date Posted: 11/16/20)

Kalinay Herefords, Clutier, IA
Contact: Nick Kalinay, 641-750-0595

Selling: 3 Registered Hereford, spring bred cows; 2 Registered Hereford spring bred heifers, 5 commercial Hereford influenced spring bred heifers (RWF, BWF, Black Hereford). Most settled to A.I. service. Also selling select group of spring 2020 heifer calves. Call for pricing and complete details.

(Date Posted: 9/25/20)